Photos of Labrador

Battle Harbour, Labrador


When you flew for Brinex out of Melody Hill, Labrador in the late 1970's early 1980's (year?) I can only remember you showing me how to start and sort of operate the dozer on Melody Hill. Were you taking photos back then?

I saw you today on Land and Sea and especially liked your photos of char going up the falls. How about some photos of the inside of a polar bear's mouth...just joking! Enjoyed the show!

Allan Willy

Just finished watching your two episodes on Land and Sea. The images are so unique to me. I've never seen such colours and contours among the many great images Labrador offers. I can only imagine the gratification you must have experienced over your many years flying in Labrador.

Thanks for the pleasure of viewing a piece of your world.

Bill Veitch

Congratulations, Geoff, on your incredible book of photography! I was lucky to get a copy during my recent trip home to Grand Falls-Windsor. My whole family has enjoyed pouring over picture after picture of the astonishing land that you are blessed to call home.

Thanks also for the note that you sent to me. It was wonderful to hear from you after so many years and to know of your joyful and rewarding life up there in beautiful Labrador!

Best to you and yours!

Josette Kenny Abruzzini

This is the most amazing photography website I've ever visited. Your shots are out of this world.

I've lived in Labrador my whole life and had no idea how beautiful this part of the province is. Looking forward to your next album!

Jade Kean

Stunning! It was a joy to meet you and see your work in Goose Bay last November - this is my first chance to look at the website and enjoy it all over again (plus the places other than Labrador). Thanks!

Barbara Rieti

Always enjoy good photography of home. Thanks for sharing!

Colin Nain

What a beautiful collection of photographs. Labrador looks like a very special place. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Ishler

My sweet friends Terry and Noelle gave me your book for Christmas. It is my most prized gift! Signed to boot!

I have made many trips up and down the Coast with my husband when he was Mate on the Northern Ranger. Love the beautiful Big Land and now I can enjoy your photos for a lifetime!

Trudy Tobin