Labradoria – Official Opening

Many thanks to Mina Campbell and her staff at the Labrador Interpretation Centre as well as all those who joined us for the official opening of Labradoria

Portraits of Labrador

Photo of Tunker Campbell by Geoff Goodyear – “Portraits of Labrador”, Newfoundland Quarterly Online. For those unfamiliar with this place, it is the northernmost component of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador on Canada’s Northeast coast.

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Exhibit – Labrador Interpretation Centre

Rare Sights

My work as a helicopter pilot took me to remarkable locations across the “Big Land.”  It is my hope that the images I was able to capture carry you to places in Labrador that few will ever see in person. 

My Best,

On exhibit at the Labrador Interpretation Centre,

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When Photography Becomes A Passion

Photography is one of the few hobbies that you can have throughout your entire life. As long as you can hold a camera, you can create. There will always be something to learn. It can become a passion!

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Photographic Composition Workshop – June 5

Learn the tricks of the trade. If you are in Northwest River, Labrador, on June 5th, why not sign up for the Photographic Composition Workshop by Geoff Goodyear. To register …

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Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge

Here are a few photos from our visit to Vimy Ridge in April 2016. We were there to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Vimy. It was a moving experience

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Don't miss the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular images from Nunatsiavut region of Labrador.  180 pages with narratives in both English and Inuktitut.
A collaborative effort of Geoff Goodyear Photography and the Nunatsiavut Government