Battle Harbour Visit 2017

Battle Harbour Visit 2017

My wife’s family are from Battle Harbour (photo gallery here) which is located on an island east of the Labrador Coastal community of Mary’s Harbour. They visit the family’s homesteads every summer and I had the pleasure of tagging along on this year’s pilgrimage.

Once the economic capital of Labrador, Battle Harbour served as the hub for Labrador’s fishery. Battle Harbour now hosts a world class tourist destination, has received numerous awards and is gaining an international reputation for adventure and cultural tourism.

Feel free to visit the Battle Harbour gallery on my website to view other images from the visit.

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One comment on “Battle Harbour Visit 2017
  1. Grayson Feltham says:

    I spent just over a year at the White Point Coast Guard/Loran station in 1959 & walked the rockey hills and crossed the tickle to Battle Harbour village many times when the seas were too rough for out little Crash Boat. Gun Point brings back many memories of the great community duck hunt ,I’ve always treasured my first tour of duty to that wonderful part of Labrador.

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